Christmas game ideas for the family

Christmas game ideas for the family

       There are so many ways to enjoy the Christmas season. There are even more ways to enjoy the season with your family. If you have ticked all other boxes over the years, it’s time to tick the game box. There are so many games you can play with your family this Christmas, here are some of them.

1. Open mitts game

      This is as much fun as it sounds. So, your gifts are under the Christmas tree, but the only way anyone is allowed to access it is with the oven mitts covering their hand. It is challenging, and that’s precisely the fun. You’ll have everybody laughing their hearts out in a matter of minutes.

2. Christmas jigsaw puzzle

     Everybody is at home, and they are wondering what to do with time? A Christmas jigsaw puzzle is the perfect solution. Before you know it, all hands will be on deck. This game will help you spend a lot of time with your family; it will help you bond as you work together to make a whole image from many pieces of the puzzle.

3. What’s in the Santa hat puzzle

     You can have some fun keeping some items in Santa’s hat and allowing everyone else to guess what’s in it. It will be so much fun for the kids, but the adults are sure to have fun too. You can keep some items in the hat to get more funny responses.

4. Cookies decorating game

      For this game, you would need some cookies, cream, chocolates, and some other candies. Each person gets their cookies, cream, chocolates, and sweets. You all try to decorate the cookies using all the other materials. You will be sure to have the laughter of the season as you season when you see some of the designs.

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