Unique ideas on filling a clear glass ornament

Unique ideas on filling a clear glass ornament

One of the most fun stuff to do while decorating for the Christmas season is stuffing of Christmas ornaments. In the Christmas season, the design of glass ornaments come in different ways to reflect the beauty of the season, and one of the best ways of doing this is stuffing them with beautiful things. To help you with ideas on filling your glass ornaments, we have compiled a list of some unique ideas.

Chenille Stem-Stuffed Ornament

You will need a clear glass ball ornament for this and some sparkly gold pipe cleaners. The sparkly gold pipe cleaners need to be inserted into the glass ornament by twisting them to make them fitfully in the glass ball. You can also go further by customizing the handle of the ornament with any color of your choice. It’s better to go with an intensity that screams Christmas.

Swirly Ornament

Swirly ornament is a beautiful ornament design made by swirling of paint in a clear glass ornament. Paint is put into the ball-shaped glass Christmas ornaments and then placed on a disposable cup made to rotate from time to time as the paint dries. This procedure is necessary, so the color covers the entire inside surface of the ornament.  You can complete the look with a seasonal message on a decorative paper.

Tinsel Ornament

You will need snipped pieces of tinsel Garland. The clear glass ornament will be stuffed with the remnants of tinsel garland, and you have your Tinsel ornament. It can be used for decorations of Christmas trees and other areas of the home for the season.

DIY Pom-Pom Ornament

This is an ornament your kids will love to help to decorate. In making this ornament, you will need your favorite yarn and a DIY pom-pom. The thread will be wrapped around the DIY pom-pom and then stuffed into the glass ornament to fill it. This ornament decoration brings an extra edge to your Christmas decorations.

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