Do not get overwhelmed by the purchase of that artificial pre-lit Christmas tree. There are still a lot of things you do not know yet. There are certain issues that might come up due to the fact that this tree is not natural. You have to be able to deal with these issues.

All of these problems are common to every artificial pre-lit Christmas tree and it is, therefore, advisable to have an idea of what to do whenever such an issue arises.

I have therefore decided to take a breakdown of these issues in one piece. All you have to do is to troubleshoot the pre-lit Christmas tree and you will have fixed any little issue that comes up very easily especially in the case of flickering.

First Step:

For an artificial pre-lit Christmas tree that has multiple plugs all together, it could flicker if one of the plugs gets loose. Check round to make sure all of the plugs are plugged in perfectly. And if the plug system is a pole one, all you have to do is to check all the poles to be sure no part of the connection is obstructed. That way, you will have all the parts working properly.

Second Step:

Run a routine on the plug fuses also. Check the plugs closely and replace any fuse that has been burnt out if you notice any. Check to be sure it has been solved by plugging it into a power source.

Third Step:

If the problem does not get solved or all the fuses are faultless, work on the bulbs and their wirings. Change the bulbs if there is anyone that is damaged. You can even remove the entire string and fix it with a new light strand. This is often the case in older trees.

Fourth Step:

If the bulbs are not faulty, use a bulb tester. This is the same when dealing with incandescent pre-lit Christmas trees.

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