Even as we are all out to have as much fun as we can this season, it is also important that we take good concern for our health. There are certain food items to stay away from this Christmas, especially if you want to stay watchful of your sugar intake.

One of the leading causes of the Type 2 diabetes have been established to be poor dieting. This is the reason attention should be given to what is taken in especially in this festive season we are in.

For those with the Type 2 diabetes or those that are on the lookout to avoid one, it is very important that you stay watchful and avoid the intake of this food items. This reason is what justifies the diet swap tips that have been highlighted in this article which also points out the affects of such swaps.

These six foods are to be avoided this Christmas and they will be followed by their advisable swaps and why the swap is necessary.

  • Christmas Cake

Have a swap of a slice of fruit cake with icing and marzipan for another slice of the same fruit cake but without icing and/or marzipan. This will save you from taking in two (2) grams of fat and one hundred and six (106) Kcal.

  • Turkey

Exchange one hundred grams of buttered turkey with skin with the same one hundred grams but this time skinless turkey. This will save you from forty-two Kcal and 3 grams of fat.

  • Mince Pie

Replace 100 grams of mince pie with a mini mince pie without lid. This will help save 128 Kcal and 7 grams of fat.

  • Stuffing

100 grams susagemeat stuffing should be swapped for 100 grams of roast, cranberry and orange chestnut stuffing to save 15 grams of fat and 90 Kcal.

  • Double Cream

Replace two tablespoons of double cream with two tablespoons of Greek yoghurt. This also saves 14 grams of fat and 117 calories.

  • Alcohol

Watch out for excessiveness in your alcohol intake as this can cost you a lot of calories.

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