How to Decide Between Flocked and Regular Artificial Christmas Trees

How to Decide Between Flocked and Regular Artificial Christmas Trees

When you are on the market looking for the best artificial Christmas tree, you are going to find that there are several options in terms of what type of artificial Christmas tree you end up with. With this being said, one of the main differences that you are going to see are those artificial Christmas trees that are flocked and those that are regular.

What is a Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree?

Flocking refers to the process of putting “snow” onto these trees. The snow is actually a combination of several different ingredients to make a hard, shell-like white component that is going to stick to the needles and branches of these trees giving that look as though it was cut in the middle of a snowstorm and it brought this winter wonderland into your home.

Which Option is Better?

The truth of the matter is that there is no easy answer to which is better, a flock or regular artificial Christmas tree. You will find that each has its own pros and cons, and it is up to you to make the decision as to which one of these you like better. However, here are a few points to remember:

  • A flocked tree can bring a winter beauty into your home that a regular tree may not be able to do
  • You may find it easier to change themes with a regular tree since you do not have to worry about finding a theme that goes with the flocking
  • Flocking can sprinkle off from time to time, so you may find that you have to vacuum more than usual in the tree area
  • A regular tree is a classic look that is going to last for years to come, while a flocked tree is popular now, the snow covered look may not be in for years to come

So, which is the best artificial Christmas tree are you considering? First off, be sure that you take into consideration the size of the tree for your home and how each one is going to look in your home. Some people may find that a small flocked tree is adorable for their small space. Other people may find that a regular tree is the best  fit for their home if they are looking for a traditional feel to their holidays. The choice is yours, but be sure to choose wisely, as these artificial Christmas trees last for several years!

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