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Prelit Christmas Trees: Basic Construction and Placement Tips

The Christmas tree is a must-have decoration piece for any Christmas-related event. While undertaking its decoration process can be a lot of fun, finding the correct spot for its placement is just as important. Failing to do so can make the space look crowded, cluttered and simply unpleasant.

More often than not, we will not have large spaces dedicated to placing the pre-lit Christmas tree. Therefore, it is important to know your way around a tiny area. If you are unsure of how to put together a pre-lit Christmas tree and place it right, we are here to help. Following are some of the basic Christmas tree construction and placement tips to help you get started.

Have a Clear Focal Point

When we talk about the focal point, we mean the space the tree will be utilizing in its immediate proximity. Will you have sufficient room for presents under the tree or nearby? Does the wall décor complement the theme? Do you want to include decoration pieces such as special figurines or stuffed animals?

A rule of thumb is to make sure that you are nor blocking your pathways, doors or walkways with these objects. Moreover, do not place the tree, whether real or artificial, near a fire place as that could become a potential fire hazard. If you a small room, corners are your best friend and placing the tree there would be the ideal solution.

Examine the Pieces

For pre-lit Christmas trees, it is crucial to ensure that there are no frayed, cut or damaged wires present. If you do find fault with the connection, wiring or bulbs, quickly get in touch with the manufacturer. You can also replace them by following the instructions manual.

Regular vs. Rotating Stands

Pre-lit Christmas trees need a stand. Before buy one, you need to be aware of your options, which are standard and rolling stands. The majority of regular stands for artificial trees is x-shaped base made from either metal or plastic.

Make sure to get a stand as plastic would lose its sturdiness after a period of use. On the other hand, there is a rolling stand that contains wheels for easy transportation. It is perfect if you want to make the most out of your Christmas tree. You can transport the tree to different parts of the house depending on your mood with a rotating stand. It also comes with a lock so you don’t have to worry about the tree sliding from one spot to the next.

Assemble and Shape the Sections

Most artificial pre-lit Christmas trees come with a pre-written set of instructions that are easy to follow along. You can then shape the sections and branches and get rid of any gaps that might be present. Don’t jump to the next section without completing the prior one first. You will have to start from the bottom and work your way to the top. The last step is to make sure that the pre-lit Christmas tree is completely plugged in the socket.

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