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Top 4 flocked ornament size Christmas trees

If you’re easily moved by flocked artificial Christmas trees, this is for you.

Trees like this are hardly scarce during Christmas, and it’s common to find them from home to home.

Frosted branches of these classic Christmas decorations create an enchanting atmosphere that transforms a home into a gorgeous paradise.

Artificial Christmas trees under $100 are usually cheaper, while ones that cost between $100-200 are of better quality and last longer, and those that cost over $200 are the best quality.

Remember to consider whether you want a pre-lit or unlit flocked tree when shopping.

We make it easy to find your perfect flocked Christmas tree right here. Keep scrolling.

2 Foot Mini Flocked Christmas tree


With a height of 2 feet, this mini flocked tree also comes with its own stand!

2 Foot Mini Flocked Christmas Tree with Burlap Base

The base of this small Christmas tree is made of burlap, and the branches are full and thick.

Affordable 6-Foot Snow Flocked Christmas tree

A 6-foot snow-flocked Christmas tree, this is the most affordable and high-quality tree we found on the internet. It’s ready to hang in your living room right out of the box and comes with a metal stand!

King of Christmas 6-Foot Flocked Christmas Tree

We keep seeing the name King of Christmas crop up in blogs and Instagram feeds. The tree has gotten premium reviews from over four hundred people!

With its high-quality flocked design, this tree is sure to last you from one season to the next! You can also order it in a 7-foot tall version if you have a higher ceiling.