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How to style white Christmas trees when flocked

The practice of flocking Christmas trees was introduced in the 1940s. In the past, families could purchase Christmas tree flocking kits to make their trees look like they were covered with snow.

But today, people are more likely to buy flocked Christmas trees that already have the flocking on them.

 Christmas tree decorating with white flocked ornaments isn’t that different from decorating a regular green Christmas tree.

 Regardless, few tips can help you to give a more polished look to your flocked Christmas tree.

  • Make your white flocked Christmas tree unique with an appropriate color scheme. While the ornaments you normally decorate your Christmas tree with can still make a wonderful impression, many people claim that a white flocked tree looks best with only one or two colors.

 Use unusual colors–like yellow, pink, or purple– to complement the white flocking on your tree, such as purple, yellow, or pink.

  • Light the Christmas tree by stringing the lights across branches closest to the tree’s center. Due to the color of the Christmas tree–white–, lights near its center will shine through its branches and illuminate the flock.

If you are using several colors, you may place one shade of lights near the center of the tree and another shade on the branches’ outer portions. The tree looks more dimensional this way.

  • Add bows and ribbons to the tree’s branches. Adding cloth bows or ribbons to your Christmas tree can give it a more traditional look.

Choose bows or ribbons with the same color as your tree ornaments, or pick one that complements them. The bows can be tied around the tree at different intervals, along the tips of the branches.

Start at the top of the tree and wrap the ribbon around it, working your way down.

  • If you want your white flocked Christmas tree to stand out, you can add a tree skirt that matches your decorations or the color of your lights.

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