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Make your Christmas more fun with kids’ input this holiday: flocking at its best

There’s nothing better than seeing Santa around this time of year. Kids especially like to prepare everything for him, including a flocked Christmas tree.

The Rise in Popularity of Flocking for Christmas: A Parent’s Guide

What a delight to see such vibrant and energetic youngsters!

The energy definitely moves to a higher level once it’s time to start flocking. What Christmas tree wouldn’t look better with a little snow on it?

Children do better at helping make a flocked Christmas tree when they keep a safe distance from their mother while she is spraying it with flock. You will have to decide which you prefer though.

If you’ve got a hardworking kid who’s always trying his hardest to flock a tree, you may wish to consider alternatives to flocking powder or spray. Soap shavings, desiccated coconut flakes, and other home-made flocking materials are good options.

The Benefits of Getting Crafty with Flocking Decorations for Christmas

Kids can help you assemble these homemade flocking materials. This way, they wouldn’t be exposed to the chemicals in the other flocking powders from the supermarket.

Preparing for flocking would be a lot of fun for the Kids. They can assist in placing old newspapers around the base of the tree so the soap shavings will safely fall onto them.

 As the adult, you can also ask them to tell you how the flocked Christmas tree now looks. Maybe you missed a spot or over smeared an area that simply requires a little less flocking.

And yes! You can also ask them to assist by placing small ladder in the way of the tree.

Flocking Safety 101: Tips for Enjoying this Christmas Tradition with Kids

During this time you are waiting in the corner watching them do their very best to make everything perfect for a great flocking experience.

You will be glad you gave your kids the opportunity to create Christmas magic with you. Flocked Christmas trees have always been a magical thing for them.