girl with garlands

Non-Traditional Uses for Artificial Wreaths and Garlands

When you hear people talk about using artificial wreaths and garlands in their homes, you probably immediately picture these people putting this around their stair banisters or even hanging this around their windows. These are considered the more common, or traditional methods, or using artificial wreaths and garlands. However, there are several non-traditional uses that you will find that you can do with artificial wreaths and garlands that are not only going to show that you think outside the box but still be beautiful décor for you to use during the Christmas season.

So, what are some non-traditional ways of using these items Check out these ideas!

1. Let wreaths become a centerpiece on your dining room table. Lay the wreath flat and then place a vase, candle or even Christmas ornaments in the middle of this. It quickly becomes a DIY centerpiece that is not going to be found anywhere else and will be a hot topic for those who see it.

2. Garland can be put anywhere that you can secure it. Put it around doorways, table edges, or the like. You will find that some people even adhere this to their wall to make a Christmas tree that is not taking up floor space!

3. Take garland and string this through trees that may be looking a bit bare, as this is going to allow it to look fuller and more decorated!

The only limits on what you can do with artificial wreaths and garlands is really your imagination. Every year it seems that people come up with more unique ways of using these items that helps add to their Christmas season and celebrating while being something that really impresses those who come to their home during the holidays. So, how are you going to use these elements during your holiday decorating?