Flocking 101: What You Need to Know Before Buying a Flocked Christmas Tree Online

Looks can be deceiving and not being able to touch your tree before buying it can be scarier. Even after ordering one from an online store, what’s the assurance that it’ll look exactly like the one in the picture online?

Here are a couple of tricks you can use when buying flocked Christmas tree from online stores:

Check the reviews

Checking reviews can be very helpful when you want to make an online purchase. You get to here from early buyers how true it is the information provided on the product. Most reviewers post pictures of their Christmas trees and that give you an idea of what they look like in real on the lookout for the tree branches, shape, flocking and color. Reviews give you an edge when buying blindly and saves you from dissatisfaction and worry.

Go over the details again

Take a closer look at the pictures and comments. Go an extra mile buy checking out other websites for the same tree, again compare reviews, pictures, price, and every other thing you can lay your eyes on.

Visit the manufacturer website.

Check the manufacture’s website to get a better view of the product. Look for additional picture, more detailed information such as tree size, weight, height, number of lights (usually, light shouldn’t be more than a hundred pieces per foot) and prices. It could be more or less expensive with discounts, free shipping or none altogether.

Lastly, look out for discounted sales, shipping fee conditions, prices and delivery methods. Most websites offer free shipping until a certain price is exceeded. Others don’t offer free shipping at all.

One more thing, consider the type of lights for prelit flocked Christmas trees. Incandescent lights are a lot better than LED lights although LED light consume less energy than the latter.