Get Ready For the Holidays in Style With Stunning Flocked Artificial Christmas Trees

Get Ready For the Holidays in Style With Stunning Flocked Artificial Christmas Trees

The Flocked Christmas Tree Trend: What You Need to Know

As the holiday season approaches, many people begin to look for ways to make their homes feel more festive. One of the most popular decorations for the holidays is an artificial Christmas tree. Flocked artificial Christmas trees are quickly gaining popularity due to their ability to create a winter wonderland in your home without the hassle of dealing with real tree needles or sap.

Flocked artificial Christmas trees are created by spraying lightweight polyvinyl chloride particles onto the branches and branches tips of a pre-lit or unlit artificial Christmas tree. The PVC particles look like snowflakes and give the tree a unique snowy look. Some flocked trees come pre-lit with LED lights that twinkle and sparkle, while others come with no lighting included, allowing you to add your own lights and decorative pieces.

How You Should Choose a Flocked Tree this Holiday Season

When it comes to choosing the right flocked artificial Christmas tree, there are a few factors you should consider: size, height and flocking type. Depending on what size room you plan to use your flocked tree in, you’ll want to purchase one that fits appropriately so as not to take up too much space. Additionally, if you have high ceilings in your home, opting for a taller artificial Christmas tree may be best for creating a grand holiday display. Standard heights range from 4 feet tall all the way up to 12 feet tall! Finally, it’s important to select a tree with the right amount of flocking; some come already heavily flocked while others come lightly covered in polyvinyl chloride flakes for a more subtle snow effect.


When purchasing an artificial Christmas tree—or any other item—it’s important that you purchase from a reputable retailer so that you get what you pay for. Cheaper products often lack quality construction and won’t last as long as higher priced items made out of better materials. Additionally, some retailers offer warranties on certain products which gives customers added peace of mind when making their purchases.

The Best Places to Buy Flocked Trees for Your Home

Setting up your new flocked artificial Christmas tree is relatively simple; just attach each section of the pre-lit or unlit tree together following directions provided by your retailer or manufacturer website then plug it into an electrical outlet (if necessary). Once plugged in or connected together depending on model type, adjust branches as desired until they are all evenly distributed around the pre-lit/unlit trees frame then add any additional decorations such as ribbons and bows, garlands or wreaths and finally place presents under the tree if desired! That’s all there is to it! Your new seasonal decoration is now ready for all who visit during this special time of year – enjoy!

Flocked artificial Christmas trees can last up to 10 years if properly cared for; keeping them away from direct sunlight will prevent fading as well as dusting them regularly will help maintain their snowy appearance over time; store them in original packaging whenever possible between seasons too! Many models also come with removable PVC particles so that when it’s time for them to be removed from your home at season’s end they can be stored easily without having any mess left behind at all – perfect!

No matter what design style you choose – traditional evergreen spruce shape or something different like slimline designs – adding a beautiful wintery touch with a flocked artificial Christmas Tree is sure to bring cheer into any home during this special time of year. With its ease of assembly and maintenance free nature these trees prove why they’re one of this season’s hottest trends!