The ultimate guide to caring for a real Christmas tree

    Christmas trees are beautiful. A single Christmas tree will make all the difference there is to make in your living room. There is so much you can do with a Christmas tree; you can light it up, or adorn it with many different things. As beautiful as Christmas trees are, caring for them can be a bit of a challenge. It is even more challenging if it is a real Christmas tree. You can follow this guide to care for your real Christmas tree.

1. Keep it fresh

    If you are going for a real Christmas tree, you need to have it in its best state. Pick a fresh tree. Choosing an already cut out tree puts you at a disadvantage. You might find it challenging to continue to care for the tree, but if you get it fresh, you have a head start at taking proper care of your tree.

2. Water it

  Trees need water to survive. If you would have a healthy Christmas tree standing right in your sitting room, or anywhere else you want it, you have to water it immediately you are cutting it out of the trunk. You have to keep it moisturized. You would need at least a gallon of water to carry out the task effectively.

3. Be mindful of the heat

   You have to be careful enough not to position your tree close to anything that can produce heat. Your fireplace, for instance, should be far away from that real Christmas tree to keep it alive and fresh. Remember that your tree needs moisture and heat would rid your tree of that moisture as fast as possible.

4. Use just water

   When you are watering your tree, be careful not to add anything to that water. Don’t add any chemicals. You would be ruining your tree faster than you can imagine. Wet your tree with water alone and check the water level every day.

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