How to choose pre-lit Color-Changing Christmas Trees

The holiday season is here, and you’re wondering what trees to decorate your space with? Unwind!

Pre-lit Christmas trees with multiple colors are here to save the day.

Read on and you’ll find pro tips to help you make the best choice. Enjoy!

Choosing the Shape

Full green Christmas trees are the most common and suitable for large rooms. They are basic, generous shapes that you probably grew up with. And among our best-selling products are the Balsam Spruce, Alexander Fir, and Portland Pine.

For rooms with limited space, slender, pencil-shaped trees are a better option. Whether you choose the Kennedy Fir or second pencil tree, you can brighten up your corner. You may also try the Addison Spruce if what you prefer is a narrow tree.

Choosing the Height

A minimum of six inches should be left between the top of the tree top and the tree topper. This ensures that your tree will be neither too tall nor too short. And for a 9 foot ceiling, 7.5 feet is the ideal height.

In general, the height of pre-lit Color-Changing Christmas trees ranges from 5.5 feet to 12 feet. Additionally, you can also get the 7.5-foot version of the Addison Spruce.

They make storing and setting up your Christmas tree easy. You can as well control their size by touching a button.

Choosing the Realism

Treetopia uses micromolded polyethylene (PE) needles made from lifelike materials to create the most realistic Christmas trees.

This tree is most realistic in its needle color and upward-sloping branches, as it is modeled after real spruce. Similarly, you can shape the branches of the Portland Pine to obtain either an upswept or downswept look.

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