There’s More than One Type of Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas trees are gaining more popularity and honestly, we’re all in favor of it. When you think about not having to vacuum your carpet repeatedly for the pine needle littering, not having sap sticking to your hands, you can’t help but love the artificial trees.

Besides, who can fail to admit how great it feels to not have to struggle to make the tree stand erect and having water sloshing your floor? When you list down the many benefits, it makes great sense to trade your real tree for artificial Christmas trees.

The best part? There’s more than type of artificial tree to choose from and here’s a list of some of them:

1.     Utica Fir with Flocking

If you want an artificial Christmas with some extra, look for Utica fir varieties with flocking. The flocking is the artificial snow you will find on the tips of the tree, giving it an appearance of a tree fresh out of the sow covered woods.

2.     Noble Fir

Noble Fir is a special product from the design team at Terrain. This tree looks the most natural among the artificial varieties. You will see these trees wearing a twiggy, somewhat scraggly and even a spindly look. They look nearly bare and utterly stunning and at a glance, no one would say these are artificial.

3.     Slim Fir Kingwood

Another statement making artificial Christmas tree is the slim fir Kingwood tree. It is space-efficient and comes with three height options. Once you decorate and light up this one, you’d feel nothing but absolute Christmas cheer spreading through your home.

4.     Fraser Fir

You will come across many people referring to it as the world’s best artificial Christmas tree. We totally agree with that description because this one has branches that mold to replicate ditto natural growth patterns.

This artificial Christmas tree features vibrant green and soft needles of freshly cut Fraser fir, with branches cascading down its entire length. This artificial tree provides more branch tips than any other variety and is the best option for those who have ample space and million ornaments in store.

The white lights on this tree promise to beam for twenty-five thousand hours.

5.     Spruce Style Artificial Tree

Spruce style artificial trees are the next best option that looks as close to natural as possible. The spruce styles have needles sprouting out individually on the stem. The best feature is that the needles are pointy and four sided but far softer than the real thing.

The real spruce Christmas trees have really sharp needles, which can be a safety hazard for those decorate or kids.

6.     Douglas Down-swept Fir

Some of us have wonderful memories of growing up on a farm and plucking a tree right off the farm every year to decorate. If you want to reminisce such wonderful memories too with an artificial Christmas tree, the Douglas variety with downswept fir is the perfect option.

It stands proudly tall at 7.5’ and has fluffed out branches. If you’ve got a big spacious room to decorate and light this one in, you shouldn’t think twice about purchasing it.

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