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How to Properly Store Your Artificial Christmas tree

One of the benefits of artificial Christmas trees is that they last much longer, saving you the hassle of buying a new one every year. But for your artificial Christmas tree to last you another holiday season, you need to store it properly. As much fun as it is putting up your Christmas tree, taking down the decorations and putting the tree away is quite a chore. But if you want to maintain your artificial Christmas tree and use it for next year, you have to make sure you store it properly. Many people just tend to dump the tree in the box. To make matters worse, they may poorly handle delicate ornaments, causing them to break. There are different ways you can store your artificial Christmas tree. Mentioned below are a few steps on how to best store your artificial Christmas tree!

1. Take off All the Decorations

The first thing you’ll want to do is remove all the decorations around the house and on your tree. If you plan on keeping your tree in one bag with the other decorations, you want to make sure your tree is right on top. When removing the decorations, make sure to clean them and put them tidily in a box. Once your tree is free of ornaments, clean it with a duster to remove all the dust or any glitter from the ornaments. This is a good way of maintaining it until the next time you take it out.

2. Disassemble the Tree

After removing all the ornaments, the next step is to disassemble the tree. You must make sure your tree is unplugged, especially if it’s a prelit Christmas tree. Some artificial trees just need folding up, while others require disassembling the entire tree into its different parts. Taking apart an artificial Christmas tree is not easy, but once you’ve removed all the branches, place them in a plastic storage bag. This will prevent the tree from getting dirty or from deteriorating. Make sure to get every part of the tree in the bag so that you don’t miss out on any when you open it up next Christmas.

3. Store it In a Box

Once you’ve got all the parts of your Christmas tree together, place all of them in a big bag. Many people choose to box their Christmas trees, but this only fluffs up the branches, which is something you don’t want. Make sure the bag is water-resistant. Despite the market offering a variety of storage bags, be careful to choose one based on your needs. Once you’ve placed everything in a bag, place it in a cool and dry place as you don’t want to risk any heat exposure to your tree. This would cause discoloring and may melt the branches as well.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, storing an artificial Christmas tree isn’t that hard. All you need are the right storing materials and you’re good to go. Careful storage of an artificial Christmas tree is an important step in ensuring longevity, so remember to remove ornaments, clean, and then disassemble!