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Why Christmas trees may sometimes be scarce

Fun fact: Christmas trees do much more than adorn your space during the holidays – they bring unity. Whether in a typical rural world or in the modern, more sophisticated setting, families are united and brought together at the appearance of Christmas trees in the home.

But what happens when there are no trees? 

Despite the flurry of attention on shortages of toys, electronics, and other items, Christmas decor has also been affected by global supply chain issues and shortages of materials. The shortages this year are affecting even artificial Christmas trees. And as a matter of fact, the American Christmas Tree Association (ACTA) suggested that consumers buy their trees (both artificial and live ones) as early as possible this Christmas. 

Various factors, such as severe weather conditions and supply chain problems, have made it likely the industry will face a shortage of trees or even other Christmas ornaments to meet high demands this year. About 96 million Americans decorated their homes with trees in 2019, but the number dropped by 2 million in 2020.


This year, we’re seeing a number of different trends impacting the supply of live and artificial Christmas trees across the world. And, according to Jami Warner, the Executive Director at ACTA, it appears as though every seller is encouraging buyers to get trees early and avoid shortages.

Our best advice for consumers at this time is to find or buy their Christmas trees early. Still, there are some deals on artificial Christmas trees to be found, so don’t give up yet.

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