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How To Decorate an 8 Foot Artificial Christmas Trees

Just in case you have a high ceiling, or you plan to decorate your large rooms for Christmas, choosing an 8 foot artificial Christmas trees will be the best decision you’ll be making this year. The branches are usually heavily flocked and with the finest needle tips, they also have sturdy base and come in different styles. Decorating an 8 foot Artificial Christmas tree could be a tasking venture if not done the right way.

Of course, you must have laid your hands on a really great tree Christmas tree to even think of decorating it. But, just in case you’re yet to get one or you’re planning to, go for a traditional Christmas tree so you can get to keep it around for long.

Here’s how to decorate your 8 foot artificial Christmas tree.

Keep It Simple

With just a few numbers of baubles, Christmas lights and a tree topper, your decoration is done.

You could wrap a tinsel strand or two (of different colors) around the tree for a more distinctive look.

Go Festive


For a more festive look, decorate your tree with a collection of stars shaped ornaments and pinecones. You can either opt for a single color or choose a variety of colors. We’re not restricting you to pinecones and stars, we wouldn’t do that. You could go for a mix of berry branches and brites, or faux cranberries and pom-pom garlands.

Go all out

Yeah. Gather all the Christmas ornaments you can lay your hands on and cover your tree up. There are different ways to applying this style. You can arrange the ornaments in an orderly manner, be creative or just scatter them as you want. The goal is to balance he décor, do something different and at the same time have fun.