Pre-lit tree in room

Ideal light patterns for all Pre-lit trees

Do you plan to buy a pre-lit Christmas tree this year? This is for you.

Choosing from the multitude of lighting patterns on the market can be overwhelming. However, the two main types of light are incandescent and LED. Each light has its own characteristics, and knowing them would help you choose rightly.

Incandescent light trees

Here are traditional burning bulbs or classic lights which are not as expensive as LED-lit trees. With their bright glow, these traditional lights evoke memories of youth. They are available in quite a lot of designs and can be bought from several stores.

LED light trees

This is a new and more sophisticated addition to your pre-lit Christmas tree selection. The initial cost is higher than the traditional light trees. Regardless, they are durable and a lot more reliable, saving you the hassle of constantly replacing burned out bulbs. Since LED bulbs use less electricity than traditional lights, they are more energy-saving.

A harsh light glow is a noted weakness of older LEDs. Although newer LEDs now emit much softer light. There are also fewer options for LED trees than incandescent ones.

Christmas lights: how to choose the best

The location of a tree must be considered when determining your desired pattern of light. Some Christmas lights cannot be used both outdoors and indoors. You should buy pre-lit trees that are safe to use outdoors if you plan to use them outdoors.

Various light patterns are available for prelit Christmas trees, including clear, multicolored and both. Choosing a décor theme depends on your taste, style, decor preferences, and of course, the tree size—whether 6 foot or 7 foot, or even 10-foot artificial Christmas tree. A clear light theme is ideal if you’re looking for a more sophisticated Christmas theme. Meanwhile, the multi-colored lights introduce a sense of fun and playfulness to the entire atmosphere.

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