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Full Artificial Christmas Trees: Safety Ideas For Your Tree

Putting up full artificial Christmas trees in a home is all about fun and showing your Christmas spirit. However, there are also some issues for many homes with kids and pets. They worry about these full artificial Christmas trees, because pets and kids can be very rough on items in a home. Just ask a couch that has seen all the kids and dogs jump on it! No one wants to think that at the end of the holiday season that their beautiful full artificial Christmas trees are starting to look like their couch after a full night of jumping on it and watching television! With this being said, here are a few safety ideas that you can use for your full artificial Christmas trees to ensure that it stays looking great.

Why Full Artificial Christmas Trees are a Safe Bet for the Holidays


1. Consider using gates around the tree. You will find that using child-proof gates set up around the tree creates an area that your kids and dogs cannot get into. Of course, if they climb the gate, that is a whole new issue that you will need to address for the safety of your tree.

2. Put the tree in a room that is not frequented much by kids or dogs. While this seems as though this is against the norm, it somewhat is. Most people put their trees into rooms that see the most traffic to ensure that this is seen. However, with kids and pets, sometimes you have to make a few sacrifices until they are older and will not pose a threat to the tree.

3. Consider getting ornaments that are kid and pet friendly. These types of ornaments are going to be less likely to break, which can ensure that you are not feeling like you are on pins and needles each time you hear a thump from the tree.

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